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MT Bottle Glassworks creates and sells tabletop and hanging art created from recycled and repurposed wine, liquor, and spirits bottles.

Glass is a not a simple material to work with, but with the proper tools it can be cut, shaped and kiln formed in limitless ways.  All of these pieces are by nature one-of-a-kind.  Fabrication may consist of diamond cutting and boring, kiln firing, multi-step wet sanding and polishing, and hand wire forming.  All glass is from recycled bottles.

Requests for special pieces are welcome, but the supply of raw materials is not entirely under my control.  Therefore artistic license must be understood.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Glass artwork can be seen at our gallery, Arts Frames Accents, and on a rotational basis at Da Vinci’s Table on S. Church St. in Burlington, NC.

All wire and rings are unfinished and will acquire a natural patina over time.

Items with Red, turquoise, and bright yellow are lacquer colored and need to be protected from the weather.